Pricing Model

GLN makes language learning accessible and affordable for all.

As an organization we strive to connect and empower people through language and culture. We realize that language learning is neither accessible nor affordable. Who We AreIt is our goal to make language learning opportunities available to everyone.

While GLN classes are as affordable as it gets, there are many ways to get your registration fee waived. Current GLN teachers, certain volunteers, interns, and partners are eligible to have their registration fee waived.

GLN Pricing Innovation

When you register for a class you put down just $200! [$80 non-refundable registration fee, $115 refundable deposit (see GLN Attendance Policy section for conditions) and a $5 PayPal fee].

Our pricing model makes language learning affordable while incentivizing active class attendance and participation:

  • Registering for a Class: Anyone 18+ may participate in a GLN class by submitting a class request during one of our three registration periods (Spring, Summer and Fall).
  • Payment Method: Students submit payment online with a Credit/Debit card or with their PayPal account. Please note that all eligible deposits will be reversed/returned back to the original form of payment. Please keep this in mind when deciding which payment method to use.
  • Drop a Class: Students who drop a class before the first class meeting will be refunded their $200 deposit, minus a $25 enrollment cancellation fee (this includes the $5 PayPal processing fee). Students who drop a class before the second class meeting will be refunded their $120 deposit (minus a $5 PayPal processing fee). The $80 registration fee is non-refundable. Students that remain in the class are subject to the attendance policy (see below). Please keep in mind that we need you to drop the class in your student portal the same way that you registered. Emailing or calling to request that we manually drop you does not guarantee that you will be dropped by a given time.

GLN Attendance Policy

Attending class is vital for students to make the most of what the GLN has to offer. Through our rigorous attendance policy, we aim to attract dedicated students for each class, since we know that learning a language does not just depend on you, the learner, but it also greatly-depends on your environment and peers, and their commitment to creating a great class environment. Due to the large number of students learning a language with the GLN, we strive to ensure that our students have the best experience possible:

  • Excused Absences: Students taking 12-week classes are eligible for a deposit refund if they miss no more than 2 sessions. Students taking classes that meet for less than 12 weeks (such as 10-weeks or 6-weeks) are eligible for a deposit refund if they miss no more than 1 session.
  • Late Arrivals and Early Departures: If you are more than 15 minutes late to class, or if you leave class more than 15 minutes early, you will be marked absent for that session.
  • Makeup Sessions: We include 2 weeks of make-up classes as part of our semester planning in the event that one or two of your classes are canceled due to holiday or other official GLN cancellation. Please include those extra two sessions in your planning since they will count towards your semester attendance should they need to be used.
  • Semester Attendance: Semester attendance is based on the number of times the class meets during the semester, regardless of when students actually register and begin attending classes. By way of example, if you enroll in a course after the class has held 2 meetings, you will be marked absent for those first two meetings. Please take this into consideration before joining a class that has already started..
    • Sometimes a class start date can be delayed due to circumstances out of our control, so if you wish to enroll in a class but are afraid you may have missed classes already, please contact us.

Unforeseen Circumstances: In the spirit of having compassion towards our students and being understanding of extenuating life circumstances that may affect any student’s attendance, GLN does not distinguish between the circumstances of one person’s absence versus another. Rather, we offer a blanket “excused” absence for all students (for 12-week classes there are 2 excused absences), in an effort to help our students when they most need it, such as sickness, travel, academic exams, work commitments, illness or death of family or friends. With over 600 students per semester, we are unfortunately unable to excuse any further absence, for any reason.

Holidays: GLN does not hold classes on Thanksgiving or Independence Day (July 4); all other days are considered regularly-scheduled classes unless otherwise noted by GLN. Classes that would normally meet on Thanksgiving or July 4 should plan to makeup that class at the end of the semester. Please keep this in mind when planning your schedule.

Deposit Refunds: Please be sure to keep your credit card or PayPal account active as all eligible deposits are refunded back to the original transaction. At the end of the semester, if you are eligible for a deposit refund, we will send you a quick online form to complete. We require a completed form in order to process your deposit return, so be sure to check your emails and spam box! Due to the very large volume of deposit returns that we must process manually we cannot accept any deposit return request beyond the deadline specified in the semester-end email to you (we typically give a 2 week window to complete the quick form). We do not accept email, phone, or any other form of request for deposit returns other than our deposit form and must receive a completed form from you by the specified deadline in order to process a refund of your deposit. Any deposit unclaimed by that deadline will be considered a tax-deductible donation to GLN. We begin issuing deposit refunds after the form is closed.

GLN Policy on Immersive Learning 

At GLN we work hard to create the type of immersive environment that facilitates learning in our classes, we ask students to help us to create a distraction-free environment. Students are asked to observe our zero-tolerance policy for cellphone usage in class. Our volunteer teachers spend a lot of time planning lessons and creating an environment conducive to learning.

Usage of outside elements such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, guests or consumption of food during class creates damaging distractions that are harmful not only to our teachers but also to the entire classroom environment. GLN reserves its teachers the right to mark any student using the afore-mentioned elements as absent from that lesson. Disruptive behavior does allow GLN teachers, volunteers and staff to remove a non-compliant student during class time. Please plan to bring paper and a pen to take notes if needed.