Teach with GLN

I love teaching and I love teaching with GLN. I am happy that I get to do something I love and to help others. I have made amazing friends and I am able to stay connected to my culture and language,” Fabi, GLN Teaching Fellow

There are two ways to teach with GLN: our Teaching Fellowship and our Teaching Associate program.

The GLN Teaching Fellowship is our teacher development program. We engage talented and committed individuals who wish to teach their language and share their culture with the DC community. Selected Fellows commit to a year (three semesters) of teaching with GLN, whereas Teaching Associates commit to a semester at a time. Our teachers receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to effectively apply GLN’s communicative approach in the classroom and build our learners’ communicative competence.

The GLN Teaching Fellowship helps us ensure high quality and consistency of our language offerings by recruiting, training and retaining highly capable and motivated volunteers. On the one hand, motivated and prepared Fellows deliver excellent classes and maximize student learning. On the other hand, Teaching Fellows receive invaluable professional development opportunities and real experience from teaching a diverse group of learners. This builds their confidence, skills, and credentials and enables them to grow personally and professionally.

We are looking for highly motivated native (or near native) speakers of any language to join our Fellowship program! Please click on the tabs above to read more about the program and to apply.

Unable to commit to teaching 3 semesters with GLN? Inquire about becoming a Teaching Associate!

Are you up for the challenge? Apply here!


Teaching with GLN makes me feel happy, motivated, excited and thankful. It has also enabled me to become a better communicator and motivator”  Karen, GLN Teaching Fellow


Serving as a GLN Teacher is an excellent opportunity to teach your language and culture, develop professional skills and experience, and make a positive impact in our multilingual community. Here are the main benefits of teaching with GLN:

  • A forum to teach your language and share your culture with the DC community
  • Excellent professional development opportunities such as GLN teacher and leadership training and GLN-sponsored opportunities for external training and certification
  • Relevant and transferable professional experience and skills:
    – Teaching experience
    – Leadership experience
    – Management skills
    – Interpersonal skills
    – Public speaking/presentation skills
  • Flexible schedule: we schedule your class time according to your availability (Classes take place on evenings and weekends)
  • Networking opportunities within our vast community of learners, partners, supporters and fellow teachers and other volunteers
  • Priority registration and fee waiver for GLN language classes (for current teachers only)

Note: This is an unpaid, volunteer fellowship.

Program Description

With our Teaching Fellowship we strive to develop the next generation of community leaders and educators. To that goal, we have designed a strong program to enable our Fellows to succeed and become effective GLN teachers and leaders.

Curriculum and language resources: GLN Teaching Fellows use our own theme-based curriculum which is designed to build our learners’ communicative competence and enable them to communicate effectively in culturally appropriate ways. In addition to the curriculum, our Fellows receive a variety of lesson planning and handout samples and templates as well as an activities bank. Furthermore, they have access to our vast collection of online language resources such as visual aids, flash cards and other generic or language specific activities and handouts.

Teaching Logistics

See a typical class schedule on this page. To read about our unique and affordable pricing model, please check out this page.

The Application Process

Are you up for the challenge? Apply here today!

The GLN Teaching Fellowship application is open to anyone in the greater Washington, DC metro area. We do not require previous teaching experience. We are looking for capable and motivated individuals who are passionate about GLN’s mission, learning approach and teaching. The ideal Fellow is someone eager to learn, a team player with demonstrated leadership and teaching skills or potential, and who is motivated to grow as a person, educator, and leader.

The Teaching Fellowship application and selection process consists of two steps:

  1. Complete an online application form
  2. Selected candidates are invited to become Teaching Fellows / Associates and are confirmed upon successful completion of a mandatory GLN Teacher Training Session.

Should you have any questions or would like to find out more, email us: Teach@thegln.org.