The community of fellow teachers and students, everyone is great. I have met so many fun, interesting people passionate about different cultures. It really motivates me to learn more.

Since I am also an ESL teacher, teaching with GLN is great for me not only for personal, but also for professional reasons, as it provides me with more experience and new ideas.

GLN brings me out of my shell and provides me with unmatched opportunities to engage with my language learning and teaching peers.

The interaction with students is the best part of teaching with GLN. The students are always motivated to learn and I was able to hone my communication and leadership skills through our weekly lessons.

Teaching allows me to discover Russian again through the eyes of my students. I’m more excited about the language than I’ve been in years.

Even though the world seems so small now – you can go everywhere in a matter of hours, you still need a key to the country you are going to. That’s what I love about teaching – giving my students the key to the people and the culture through language.