Language Fellowship

Do you have something big to give back to society? How are you using your GLN language education to change the world?

If you are presently using, or want to use, your GLN language education to give back to society, be sure to apply for GLN’s new Global Giver Fellowship. A select group of individuals will be chosen to receive a semester-long language learning fellowship from GLN and, on a case by case basis, funding to support your cause.

Examples include using your GLN language class to help local immigrants, volunteer abroad, or participate in any other aid or development project.

The Global Giver Fellowship Application is available here.

Read more about our current Global Giver Fellows, and their projects, here, and hear directly from fellows in the videos below:


Past GLN Success:

  • GLN taught Haitian Creole to doctors at the Red Cross before they were sent on a medical mission to Haiti.
  • GLN taught Portuguese to public health professionals at Association of Public Health Laboratories before doing aid work in Mozambique.
  • GLN taught Spanish at Economics Research Associates to professionals involved in helping Latin American countries with economic development programs.

Please email us at with any questions.

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