Priority Registration

Priority registration means select individuals will have a guaranteed spot in ONE class of their choice in a given GLN semester.

Why is there a need for priority registration?

Classes such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Italian and several others receive more than a hundred class requests every semester. Priority registration is a way for us to say ‘thanks’ to our loyal supporters for their commitment and dedication to GLN by offering them the opportunity to secure a spot in a high demand class.

Who qualifies for priority registration?


More than 25% of our annual budget comes from individual donations. Our donors give us the necessary funds to continue improving our services. Our GLNsiders membership community, individuals who donate $195 or more to GLN, receive priority registration.

Our Class Hosts and Partners:

GLN is fortunate to partner with many organizations, all around the DC-area. Each partner who hosts GLN classes on their site receives priority registration for classes on their site. Want to get a sure spot in your favorite language class? Contact us to host a class at your work or school location!

Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants:

Our teachers are our greatest asset. It is their energy, motivation, and drive that helps offer so many classes in so many different languages year long. One of the benefits of being a GLN Teaching Fellow and Teaching Associate (or a Teaching Assistant) is priority registration.

Organizational Volunteers:

Our organizational volunteers support our operations. We are grateful for their contributions and as a token of appreciation, organizational volunteers who have been involved for a considerable amount of time and have proven their commitment to the organization also receive priority registration.