Adriana Roccaro

From: Italy

Language: Spanish

Class:2014 / Fellow

Teaching has always been a passion for me. GLN gives me the opportunity to fulfill this passion and contribute, at the same time, to an amazing mission of connecting and empowering people through language and culture. It is rewarding to know that I can contribute to making people better and providing tools that will allow them to use a new language to make a difference in the world.While I am in the classroom, I disconnect from my work and crazy day schedule, and focus on something fun and fulfilling. What makes the experience in the classroom even more fun, is that there is a cultural mix that brings diversity and enriches the learning process.  Through the eyes and cultural background of my students, I have the opportunity to think about my language, culture and country in a different way. This experience goes beyond giving for me… it is also about receiving. It is a nurturing experience, as I also learn from my students and it challenges me to continuously improve and be creative.