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Media Monday–Hoppípolla!

Happy Monday, GLNers! I hope you’re recovering nicely from this weekend’s Cinco de Derby. But if you’re still feeling a little out of it, I have just the song for you! This might already be old news for you, but for your enjoyment, here is...
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Media Monday–MVP!

Happy Monday, GLNers! I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend and are ready for another week! To pump you up and energize your Monday, here’s Celu noc i celi dan (Serbian for, “All night and all day”) by MVP. Enjoy!
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Media Monday!

Welcome to the last week of March, my dear GLNers! (Crazy, right? I’m still recovering from the holidays...) Anyway, since today is Monday, we have some music for you! Although I’m not Swedish at all, I’m happy to share with you Du Gamla, Du Fria...also known...
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