Registration Instructions

*Sorry!  ¡Lo sentimos! 我们很抱歉!Désolé! Due to system upgrades, certain functions of our student portal are currently unavailable. Please read below for important information regarding registration.

Thank you for your interest in taking a language class with the GLN!
Due to continued website upgrades, you may experience technical issues in your student portal.
Please carefully follow the below instructions to register for a class.
Click here to login to your GLN student account or to create a new account.
Once you are in your account, click on the “register for a class” option.
Choose the class you want to take and SKIP all the questions below. That’s all. Then just wait for a confirmation email from us that you are registered. If you do not receive the email, please check your inbox, check your account or follow-up with us..
You should still be able to submit the form without answering any questions below. If you do need to answer the questions for whatever reason, please follow the instructions below:
Be sure to NOT choose any answer which has words with apostrophes in them – (e.g. I’m, I’ll, wouldn’t)
Question 1– Which reason best describes why you want to learn this language? (select all that apply) 
Answer: Write something in the box that says  “Other Please specify”. DO NOT choose any options.
Question 2-  Why have you chosen GLN? (select all that apply)
Answer: Choose any one of the options
Question 3 –  What proficiency level would you like to achieve in this language?
Answer: Choose any one of the options 
Question 4 –  How important to you is achieving your goals with this language?
Answer:  Extremely important. My well-being depends on knowing this language!
Question 5 – When would you like to reach your learning goals for this language? 
Answer: As soon as possible
Still not able to register? Then, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you. 
Please email us at or call us at 202-684-6627 if you have any questions.