Andrew Brown, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Andrew Brown holds a Baccalauréat (Bachelors) in Philosophy and French Literature from Académie de Rennes (France), as well as a B.A. in International Affairs and a Master in Public Administration in Non-Profit Management and International Development from The George Washington University, where he received the International Programs Fellowship and served on the International Programs Advisory Council. Andrew founded The Global Language Network in September 2005. While Andrew is the Founder of GLN, he credits much of the organization’s growth and success to the many devoted teachers and other volunteers who have contributed and allowed him to build GLN to what it is today.

Since fall 2001 Andrew has taught close to ten languages and is learning his 26th language. He has won over a dozen awards for his work, including the Pepsi ‘Power in Numbers’ Award for Community Service, the Intuit Small Business Award, and the Humanities Council of Washington, DC Award.

While Andrew has been GLN’s President, Chairman of the Board and chief executive (Executive Director) since he founded GLN in 2005, Andrew has contributed to every facet of GLN, large and small, with the help of hundreds of GLN volunteers. Andrew has a variety of language learning and teaching experience, and a not-for-profit management background which combine for making his leadership at GLN his true dream job.

Andrew is from a small mountain town in Colorado and, while raised speaking only English, tries to learn a new language for each year of age–but stopped counting his age, and languages, after 25! Andrew enjoys travel, photography, painting, music, cooking, family, and studying ancient Babylonian texts in Aramaic with friends. A lesser known secret is that at the age of 14, Andrew attended Culinary School and was a Chef in an Italian restaurant for two years.