Chad Johnson, Global Giver Fellow Alumnus

Chad Johnson is a currently an MBA candidate at George Washington University School of Business focused on global business, energy, and trade in East Asia. Chad is a Co-Founder of the renewable energy education and advocacy organization, Vittoria Energy Expedition. He focuses his efforts on educating rural schools, hospitals, and communities on the advancements and uses of solar, wind, energy storage, and electric motor capabilities. Chad and he’s team work at the intersection of technology, business, and policy in Washington, DC to inform the public discussion on renewable energy advancements and advocate for the use of renewable energy systems.


Chad is learning Chinese with GLN to prepare himself for a renewable energy advocacy trip to China to educate local communities on the implementation of renewable energy systems and inform audiences around the world on the investments that China has taken in renewable energy. Chad understands the importance of language skills for his project’s success. Knowledge of the Chinese language will greatly assist Chad in developing relationships and understanding local energy needs of rural communities around China.