Zophia Emmanuelle Tendido – Leadership Fellow

Multifaceted. Passionate. Driven towards service. If someone encompasses all these traits, everyone, meet Ma. Zophia Emmanuelle M. Tendido

Mostly called as Zophia or Z, she is a recent Magna Cum Laude graduate from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Bachelor of Arts Major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs degree. Apart from that, she is a 21-year-old scholar, award-winning student-journalist, artist, and Filipina advocating for press freedom, human rights and justice empowerment (especially for women, children, IPs, Deaf community, farmers, environmental defenders, and other minorities), inclusive communication, good governance, international prosperity, accessible mentorship, and sustainable development, among others. 

Aside from being enthusiastic and open to learning different languages and cultures, she also strives to explore alternative forms of communication such as sign language, music, photography, art, and others as a window to the soul when words can seem to thread itself together. Zophia believes that language is one of the powerful contributors towards understanding; weapons to resolve personal, professional, local, domestic, and global problems; foundations of civilization; and lenses to various perspectives, identities, history, and culture. 

With her passion and advocacy for language, years of experience with various notable roles and achievements related to intercultural communication, international relations, leadership, and education, Zophia wants to be a part of something greater, where words can serve beyond as a masterpiece and tool to foster social change, greater understanding, innovation, and inclusivity.

Joining and contributing with and to Global Language Network and its mission and vision is one of her first steps in the real world as a catalyst of change for making the world a better place— one word, one advocacy, one endeavor at a time.