GLN Board Meeting 10/19/2016 – Agenda

Proposed Agenda Items – GLN Board Meeting 10/19/2016
1.      Proposed Vote to Adopt: External Communication Policy – 
2.      Proposed Vote to Adopt:  Whistleblower and Anti-Retaliation Policy
3.      Proposed Vote to Adopt: Feedback/Report Mechanism – A draft of this tool can be seen here.
  a.    Note: The reporting mechanism is embedded in the Whistleblower and Anti-Retaliation Policy.
4.       Proposed Vote to Adopt: Revised Bylaws 
   a.    Note: The revisions (tracked) reflect those that were discussed in the settlement discussions.
5.       Discuss GLN Update Communication (email to staff, volunteers and Plaintiffs) and update to “Who Are We” section of the website – Discuss plans to draft/send the email, and to update the website.  Note that the External Communication Policy requires that the Board be consulted prior to issuing all-personnel communications. 
6.       Pro Bono Counsel – Determine if there is a need and if so, where.
7.       Fiduciary Duty Training – Briefly discuss the obligation of all directors to participate in a fiduciary duties training sometime over the next three months.
8.       Briefly Discuss Metrics, Budget, Interns and Staffing
9.       Any other brief items that Directors wish to bring to discussion or vote.  
10.     Discuss Resignation of Mohamed and Board Vacancy

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