Board Meeting Minutes 8/28/2017

Global Language Network (GLN) Board Meeting Minutes August 28, 2017

The meeting took place by conference call, starting at 11:00 AM EST.  Present:  BennardCann (Treasurer), Richard Sawaya (Secretary), Charles Maslin, Ilya Budik, Andrew Brown (Chairman and GLN President)

Metrics, whether measured in student population, number of courses on offer each semester, teachers and staff volunteers have grown by orders of magnitude, since 2014.

Finances:  From 2009-2014, GLN cash flow was break even or negative; since reforms initiated in [February] 2015, annual cash flow surplus has steadily improved: plus $35k two fiscal years ago; plus $70K last year, and estimated to be about plus $80K when the current FY ends August 31. Major items are: rent, Director’s salary and the Program Coordinator’s salary. 

Mission/Focus:  President Brown described emphasis on community engagement and noted high potential to expand further and to continue building professional partnerships, noting the recent addition of Deloitte and the Confucius Center.  He noted that with over 60 classes offered consistently each semester, there in great opportunity to increase the GLN student population. Charles Maslin suggested exploring partnerships with international law firms and making inquiry as well through the DC Bar Association. 

President Brown described outreach-related efforts such as the highly successful Refund Deposit Donation initiative.   Charles Maslin suggested the statement: “Think globally, speak locally.”  Further to marketing, board discussion concluded that rather than adding a marketing staff position, the President should brainstorm with fellow GW-grads, founder and principal at Link Strategic Partners, a state-of-art community-focused communications firm.

GLN Rental Space:  For the past two years and on an indefinite month-by-month basis, GLN occupies a entire floor in its present location (estimated monthly rent $75K) for $1.3K, the effective rent of one office).  Board members emphasized the need for contingency planning in the event the space is taken over.

At this point in the meeting, Chairman and President Brown left the conference call so that the Board could discuss and vote on his compensation as Executive Director.  Treasurer Cann reviewed Brown’s stalwart service in turning around GLN’s fortunes over the past three years, at radically under-market compensation ($40K this current fiscal year).  Cann further cited the 2014 comparative study of compensation from the Department of Labor that found a level to average at over [privileged].   

Treasurer Cann made a motion the Board approve a salary for the Executive Director beginning the next fiscal year in the amount of [privileged].  Secretary Sawaya seconded the motion.  Board members Cann, Sawaya, Maslin, and Budik voted “aye” and Treasurer Cann was asked to communicate the vote to President Brown.

The board concluded the conference call meeting by agreeing to consider a bonus award for the Executive Director, given his extraordinary record of accomplishment in that time and his paltry compensation ($0, $14K. $40K, and $40K).   Secretary Sawaya voted in favor, Board member Budik seconded. The vote was unanimous to approve the award of [privileged].

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