GLN Board Meeting Minutes 12/5/2016

Minutes:  December  5, 2016 GLN Board of Directors Meeting

 Present at the 11 AM EST meeting of the Board via conference call:  Andrew Brown, GLN President and Chairman; Richard N. Sawaya (Secretary), and Bennard Cann (Treasurer). Charles Maslin was unable to join.

  • President Brown discussed the posting for the new Board Director opening. He discussed the position that he posted on and the Directors discussed the recruitment process for the new Board position.
  • The Directors moved to discuss and then form the Selection Committee for the new Board Director. The Board created a Selection Committee that would consist of two or more existing Directors and one volunteer.
  • The Directors moved to discuss the upcoming Board training. All Directors in attendance were positive and expressed that they were looking forward to the training. President Brown mentioned that he managed to confirm that the training would be led by a lawyer from Morgan Lewis, pro bono. President Brown suggested finding a way to memorialize the training so it could be reused by the Board in the future, for new Directors and as a refresher for continuing Directors.
  • The Directors moved to discuss the “Who We Are” webpage update. President Brown asked Directors for their feedback and ideas as to how they would like to see the “Who We Are” page expressed online. Secretary Sawaya suggested having clear role descriptions and responsibilities on the website; Directors expressed the importance of creating clarity of roles in the organization so that volunteers would not think or claim to be in a position or on a Board unless corporate documents specifically indicate such, in an effort to help avoid unnecessary confusion and disappointment by volunteers.
  • The Directors moved to discuss the all GLN communication letter. Directors approved of writing a brief, positive snapshot and update on how the organization is doing, including thanking GLN staff and past and current volunteers.
  • The Directors moved to discuss a private scheduling request by the Program Coordinator for a reoccurring appointment.
  • President Brown asked the Directors about offering a potential bonus for Program Coordinator Antone Neugass and Directors agreed to allow more time to observe performance since employee is relatively new. Directors agreed to give an extended vacation break in December to Program Coordinator in lieu of a bonus for the time being.

The Board Meeting concluded at approximately 11:35 AM EST.

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