Global Language Network Social Media Raffle


GLN is excited to host our first raffle of 2022 aimed at giving our followers and community a chance to share information about our organization in exchange for a chance to win some generous GLN prizes.


  • Raffle begins: 1/24 at 4PM
  • Closing time for tickets: 02/01 at 3PM 
  • Winners announced: 02/02 at 4PM
  • Winning ticket numbers will be emailed out on Monday, February 2nd via social media and will also be sent emails. Winners will be notified of next steps.
  • A general email announcing the winning ticket numbers (with screenshots of the random numbers generated, for transparency) will be sent to all participants. A more specific email will be sent to the winners to inform them of what they’ve won and next steps they need to take (registering for their class, etc.)

Qualifying Social Media Handles:


  • Actions
    • 1 Like = 1 ticket
    • 1 Comment = 2 tickets (Only one comment per social media post)
    • 1 Share+Tag = 5 tickets
    • 1 Post or Repost = 10 tickets
    • 1 Video = 20 tickets
  • Posts and videos must explain why you want to learn a language or why learning a language is important to you. Posts that do not include a personal explanation will be awarded 5 tickets instead of 10. Stories, reels, and your feed are all valid avenues to post in.
  • Multiple forms of engagement on one social media post will all earn tickets. For example, liking and commenting on the same post will earn the supporter 3 tickets.

How the Raffle will be Conducted:

  • We will open the raffle outlining the basic rules in our social media posts
  • Those interested in participating will have to send us a direct message to the social media account they would like to participate on
    • Participants can and are encouraged to participate on multiple platforms
    • Social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • People can acquire tickets through interacting with social media posts from January 12 to February 1
    • We will send them either a social media response or email confirming that they have successfully entered the raffle and provide them with their specific ticket numbers
  • All raffle ticket numbers will be collected in a spreadsheet
  • A Random Number Generator from will be used to select the various winners
    • We will select three third prize winners first, then two second prize winners, and finally, one first prize winner


  1. First place (1 person) = Free language class + Priority Registration for you and a friend ($790 monetary value)
  2. Second place (2 people) = $200 GLN Credit (does not have to be used all at once)
  3. Third place (3 people) = $100 GLN Credit (does not have to be used all at once)


  • Only engagements during the window of the raffle will be considered. Any social media interaction before or after will not count towards ticket accumulation
  • You must send GLN a direct message on the platform that you will be participating on in order for your interactions to be counted towards tickets
  • When interacting with a post, actions that warrant a ticket can only be done once per social media platform. For example, if someone were to comment multiple times on a post on one social media platform, it would still only count as 2 tickets
    • However, if someone were to comment on the same post on different social media platforms, it would count as multiple tickets
    • Spamming is not allowed. No tickets will be awarded and disqualification from the raffle may be an option. GLN has the right to decide which interactions merit tickets and which do not.
  • No person can win multiple prizes; if someone wins a second prize, there will be a redrawing.
  • Raffle prizes can only be redeemed within GLN and cannot be refunded for cash
  • When winners use their credit, they automatically will not qualify for the Participation Stipend for the semester they use the credit for.

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