Media Monday–The Central Park Effect!

Good Morning GLNers!  How was your weekend?  Post a comment below if you would like to share a story.  I attended a screening during the AFI & Discovery Channel Silverdocs international documentary film festival.

I saw The Central Park Effect.  At first, when a friend suggested an American-made film about birding, I was unenthused.  I ended up loving every aspect of it!  The human story was inspiring, the nature scenes breathtaking and my takeaways quite surprising.  The crew did an astounding job at detailing how bird watching in a city park offers a spiritual sanctuary in the concrete jungle of the New York City.  You can get a sense by watching the YouTube Trailer:  “The Central Park Effect”  You might be able to catch the movie on HBO or DIscovery channel.

Have a joyous week and post a comment below about activities you undertake to unplug and unwind.

(Is there a foreign language film/song/book/etc you’re crazy about? Share it with us and it could be featured on G-Blogodaria!)

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