Meet Adriana, 2014 Teaching Fellow for Spanish!

Meet Adriana. Adriana is one of twenty-five 2014 Teaching Fellows who volunteer with GLN to teach her language and share their culture. See what she tells us about her teaching experience…Adriana

Why did you apply to be a GLN Teaching Fellow?

I applied because I have always wanted to be a teacher, either in a formal or informal way. It is fulfilling to be able to make a difference and see the impact of teaching Spanish on my students.

What would you say are the main benefits of the Fellowship?

Through the training and overall support, you receive guidance and tools to teach and develop a clear understanding of the GLN methodology and approach. There is structure and rationale behind GLN’s communicative approach.

Also, you have the opportunity to interact with other fellows, as you learn from their experiences in the classroom as well.

How would you evaluate the type of commitment required?

During the first lesson perhaps you underestimate the prep time,  but I never felt that was something overwhelming. It gets easier from semester to semester as you gain experience, and If you teach the same level during different semesters, the preparation time is much less because you already have ideas and materials, and only have to refine and improve upon them.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I find it rewarding to witness the progress my students make class after class. Also, teaching is a nurturing experience for the teachers as we learn from our students.

Teaching with GLN provides a great opportunity to think about your language, culture and country in a different way, through the eyes and cultural background of your students. While I am in the classroom, I disconnect from my work and crazy day schedules, and focus on something fun and fulfilling.

The overall experience also helps you to become more confident while speaking in public, managing groups and also structuring content.

What took you by surprise?

Since I have been teaching the Foreigner level, I find it challenging at times to find ways to explain in the target language. It is a good way to develop your creativity.

Also, I did not expect to have such a diverse group of motivated students, from countries that I did not even know that existed. What make the experience in the classroom even more fun is that you have a cultural mix that brings diversity and enriches the learning process.

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