Student Profile: Meet Jessica!

Jessica Schieder-01A veteran GLN student, Jessica Schieder is an alumna of the Spring 2014 Turkish Foreigner and Persian (Farsi) Frequent Flyer classes. Looking to brush up on her language skills after graduating from Georgetown, Jess found GLN through a teaching fellow friend. After taking her first Farsi class, she was hooked.

Since signing up for GLN, Jess has recruited friends to study alongside her. On the left, you can see her studying Turkish words for food with her friend, Emily. In her Farsi Frequent Flyer class, she appreciated the dedication of her classmates who invested so much into immersing themselves in the language.  Jess shared a favorite language tip with us: you can remember a word by creating a story for it. Her favorite word in Farsi is hamsar. It means spouse but also literally translates into “same head,” suggesting that spouses share a brain. Ask any of our teaching fellows or students, and you will hear many different favorite words, each with a unique explanation.

Jess reserves her highest praises for GLN teachers, noting: “The teachers are in it because they love sharing their language and culture, not for the money– these are dedicated individuals and they really go out of their way to make language learning fun.” If you have ever taken a GLN class, you might agree. Let us know about your classroom experience in the comments below!

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