An interview with Natalia Serafin, GLN Teaching Fellow & Intern


The Global Language Network is a place where people from a myriad of backgrounds and with experience from all over the world can come together to work towards the common goal of promoting languages and cultures in Washington, DC. Natalia Serafin is a bright and engaging example of this. Here, she opens up about her role as a teaching fellow at GLN.

I am from Wroclaw, Poland and have been in the US for three years. My fiancé is from Kenya. We have a multicultural home and we love meeting people from different countries. We speak several languages in our home including English, Polish and Swahili. In addition to my international interests, I am also a nutritionist.

Poland is very interesting because we have the beautiful sea in the north, mountains, national parks, nature and many birds. Poland is very scenic and offers a lot to do. Please visit Poland!

I started working for GLN in the office in February 2018, when I began working with the Program Coordinator. I like that we can choose the projects that we want to work on in order to improve our professional skills. I concentrated on teacher support because that interests me. Throughout the semester, I’ve worked as the facilitator for teachers. If they need any help with their lessons, ideas for activities or concerns, I am the person who works with them.

This has been a very enjoyable experience working with teachers from all over the world. As a teacher myself with six years of experience, I’ve enjoyed working with other teachers. I really love languages and cultures. GLN is a place where I can learn more every day.

How did I find GLN? I looked for volunteering that I would enjoy. I love teaching and I am drawn to office work because I am a very organized and motivated person. I have previous experience working with international causes that equipped me for my work at GLN.

I would absolutely recommend this experience. This is a great opportunity for others looking to build their skills while working in a globally-engaged environment. There are many different skills that you can gain across many different categories. In addition to my work with teacher support, there are many opportunities to gain skills across a broad spectrum of areas such as administration, database management, logistical support, outreach, networking, customer service and more individualized projects in specific areas of interest.

Learn more about volunteering with The Global Language Network with an internship or fellowship. Let us know about your skills and interests. Be part of something great in a diverse environment while building your professional skills. We look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Silas

    It was very intriguing reading this post, and I’m glad a place like GLN exists; where different cultured can be learned, shared and celebrated£

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