Go Beyond Gochujang: Appreciate Korean Language and Culture

Ali Tanaka, Leadership Fellow, and Krista Westerlund, Mission Advocate, highlight why you should begin the Korean language or continue learning if you have already started. Take Korean this November with Global Language Network. 

Everyone has their own respective motivations for learning a particular foreign language, whether that is wanting to connect to their heritage, learning as a hobby, or wanting to understand media in the target language of your choice.

While wanting to understand your latest favorite K-pop song or Korean drama (otherwise known as K-dramas) can serve as your introduction to Korean, studying Korean has additional benefits. Korea is a rising world power within international affairs, and not just because of North Korea. South Korea is an important US ally, and a key player in East-Asian relations in politics, economics, culture, international security, diplomacy. The ability to communicate in one (or multiple) East Asian language(s) would certainly give anyone an edge when pursuing a career within East Asian affairs.

It is no secret that speaking a second (or multiple) languages is a huge asset when it comes to an individual’s career prospects. South Korea is not only a key diplomatic ally for the United States, but also home to one of the largest economies in the world. With 76 million native speakers, the ability to speak Korean and communicate with Korean locals will expand your career prospects. Many large Korean companies have a large international presence, which can give your career a unique global angle.

Korean innovation is on the cutting-edge in healthcare, technology, entertainment, and international trade. Learning Korean will help you to speak with Koreans around the world and to understand the culture through language and customs. Explore Korean history & engage with contemporary Korean culture by building your foundation in the language.

Korean-American communities can be found throughout the United States, especially in the Washington, DC area, with opportunities to speak and learn the language, to experience the culture, and to enjoy hospitality. Learning Korean will help you to interact with others whether in the United States or abroad. Korean hangul or characters that form the Korean alphabet are so beloved by Koreans that there is a national holiday in both North & South Korea honoring the language.

Regardless of your motivation to learn Korean, the language is an asset, irrespective of how your interest was initially piqued. Whether you are just getting started or want to progress in your knowledge of the language, Global Language Network is your online space to learn. This November, Kaylyn and Sung-Mi are native speakers who are excited to take you on a journey in the Korean language. Now is the perfect time to learn Korean with GLN.

6-Week Korean Foreigner and 6-Week Korean Tourist are starting within this week, see the schedule and enroll today to enhance your skills in Korean, one of 27+ languages at Global Language Network this fall. Act now to learn in the November online program.

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