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My Leadership Fellowship Experience at GLN

Anie Blanco, Leadership Fellow 2019 from Barranquilla, Colombia, shares her experience of participating in many different aspects of GLN's organization ranging from operations to teacher support and marketing at The Global Language Network during the "smartest gap year ever". Being a Leadership Fellow at...
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Presidential Languages

Mark Maier, GLN Leadership Fellow, extemporizes on the connections between US presidents and language-learning. Read more about how presidents have applied their knowledge of languages to executive and diplomatic leadership in Washington, DC. With the Democratic presidential debates underway, the US presidential election cycle...
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Exploring Egyptian Hospitality

Shaddi Spencer, 2019 GLN Leadership Fellow, shares about the importance of Hospitality in his home city Cairo, Egypt.  Each country has local customs of being friendly and traditions of welcoming strangers. In Egypt, specifically, hospitality has a deep meaning and is considered a fundamental characteristic among...
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GLN’s African Spotlight: A Summer of French!

Elisa Jennings, GLN Leadership Fellow 2019, highlights several classes being offered by Jennifer Makeya Van, GLN Teaching Associate, who is sharing French and African language and culture in several formats. She is part of an outstanding team of dedicated teachers who shine at The Global...
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The Golden Door of Colombia

Visit La Arenosa Anie Bianco, 2019 GLN Leadership Fellow, shares about the sites and culture that can be found in her home city, Barranquilla, Colombia. This is just one of the many exciting places that you can explore through learning the Spanish language with The Global...
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