Meet GLN Student/Volunteer extraordinaire, Kati!

GLN Student KatiOften times students are teachers, and teachers are students… and even still, some students are teachers, volunteers, and a part of the leadership for our GLN community.

Recently, Katerina Salas, aka Kati (re)joined us as GLN Director of Marketing. You’ll get a chance to meet Kati at G-FEST 2014 at NYU Washingont, DC over on 1307 L street in April. Kati taught French with us just like Fellow alum Anne Marie (above), and has taken Bulgarian and Italian classes. She’s from Ecuador, so she speaks Spanish natively, and a little bit of Bulgarian that her mother taught her when she was a kid.

She started learning French when she was 3 years old at a bilingual school in Quito and spent many years studying in France after high school. As she tells it, “My dad put me on the plane to go study in Southern France and as I promised I would be back soon, he said, ‘You won’t be coming back anytime soon, but that’s okay, we love you. Now go follow your dreams!’”

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