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Deciding to start a new language or to actively improve or maintain a language that you’ve begun can be a daunting decision but it doesn’t have to be. This summer is all about having fun with languages! Whether you are Nearly Native or just starting out as a Foreigner, you are welcome to join GLN’s virtual learning semester in convenient classes to fit your lifestyle.

What is on offer this summer? 6 Continents, 26 languages, 90+ classes are at your fingertips starting in June for 6 convenient weeks through early August. See more on the Schedule.

Already know what you want? Register here: Student Account. Submit your application and when admitted, you’ll place the $200 language registration fee with the opportunity to earn up to $100 cash back through attending classes with GLN’s dynamic pricing policy

Where else are you given the opportunity to earn money back for learning?

What can you expect? We talked to some of GLN’s teachers to find out.

As Xujia (Floris) puts it in GLN’s Mandarin program ranging from Foreigner to Nearly Native, you will learn about more than orange chicken. “This panda has no express,” she joked. She will teach you about her culture, so that you learn about the real China through language.

Meanwhile, Miko will guide students in Japanese to have fun while learning together whether as Foreigners or Tourists. Progressing in your language abilities should not be a chore. GLN’s philosophy is that students learn when learning is fun and you will see that encouraged in GLN’s classes.

If you are wanting the opportunity to start or converse in Argentine Spanish, GLN has your opportunity with two levels of the dialect. GLN’s programs are unique in that dialects are welcome. Learning to speak to people, not textbooks is the focus of each class. Every teacher from every culture is a resource to help you really engage with the language that you would like to learn. As Honour said in describing her own teaching philosophy, if you would like to learn a dialect, it is a major step to help you feel less like a foreigner and more like a local. Other languages such as Arabic, Portuguese or Yiddish, offer the opportunity to explore regional dialects or areas of interest if that appeals to you.

Beyond dialects, GLN offers a huge range of language class offerings from many regions.

See the exciting summer language list below, register and share:

Albanian, Arabic, Croatian, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Nepali, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu, Yiddish, Yoruba

Students love learning with GLN. They shared their enthusiasm for their classes recently.

“GLN has really helped me to improve my Spanish and to become more confident in speaking.”

“I loved it. I plan to always take GLN classes.”

“My teacher was excellent!”

“I think the learning environment is really conducive to language learning because the focus is on actually building skills rather than worrying about tests or quizzes.”

Find out more by taking a class yourself!

What interests you? Make a choice or if you need help, email Learn@TheGLN.Org for guidance. Not a complete beginner? Take GLN’s Language Placement Test to match with the right class. Then, submit your application in your student account.

Whatever language you study, GLN’s program combines practical learning of the foundations of a language with the chance to focus on countries or regions that specifically interest you, your friends or your family. Your teacher will be able to facilitate your learning, to answer your questions and to support you.

We all have our own reasons for learning languages. At GLN, your reason is welcome, so join us.

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