Sunday Funday–List of July Events in D.C. Area!

Happy Sunday Everyone!  In the interest of ensuring that your summer is filled with language education and cultural entertainment, your favorite blog put together a list of events in the D.C. region:

Now Playing: Film:  A Cat in Paris (French)
July:  Exhibit – Hina/Jaina: On the Threshold of the Mayan Underworld (600—900 AD) (Ancient Mexican)
July 3:  Tropical Boom Annual Independence Day Party (the Americas)
July 4:  Sign the Declaration of Independence of the United States on its 236th Birthday! (the United States)
Through July 8:  Exhibit:  Beyond the Caves (Bolivian)
July 8:  Azerbaijani Fun Day:  An International Experience  Azerbaijani)
July 14:  Tango (Argentinian)
Through July 15:  Group Exhibit of Brush Painting and Calligraphy (Chinese)
Through July 16:  Exhibit:  Twenty-Two Years Celebrating the Arts (Argentinian)
July 16:  New Film: “Pina” German)
Through July 17:  Exhibit:  Hamid Kachmar Moroccan)
Through July 29:  Royalists to Romantics: Women Artists from the Louvre, Versailles, and Other French National Collections (French)
Through July 29:  Exhibit:  From the Library: The Fleeting Structures of Early Modern Europe

Enjoy!  Please post a comment below about an event that you have found particularly enchanting.  Have a wonderful week!

(Is there a foreign language relateed event you know about? Share it with us and it could be featured on G-Blogodaria!)

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