Building Partnerships Around The World

Recognizing the challenges that the past year has brought to people around the world, we find that coming together virtually, we can continue to make an impact for the future. Through partnerships & community, Global Language Network (GLN) is able to inspire hope and action.

Krista Westerlund, Mission Advocate, discusses some of the ways to empower yourself. Apply to be a Global Language Network Partner today.

In the past year, we as individuals, as families, and as communities have found ourselves experiencing challenges, uncertainty and at times, losses. At a time when we must socially distance, GLN is creating spaces to come together through language. That is powerful on the individual level. Every student is creating a better world through learning. Every teacher is shaping the future through engaging minds and fostering understanding.

How do we make an impact? GLN’s Executive Director, Andrew Brown, helps people in need to access necessities, as just one example of community service. Alyson Woolley, the Program Coordinator, manages a team of dedicated volunteers. Speaking for myself, I find that connecting people in ways that are motivating and inspiring is how to fulfill GLN’s mission, “Using language as a tool to help fix our world.”

GLN is working with talented people from around the world who are driven by making the world better together. Including GLN’s Returning Teaching Fellows & the eager New Teachers who trained to join the Spring Semester from around the world, GLN has an excellent program planned. GLN is also offering novel community partnerships to team up for language learning.

Newly developing partnerships include offering GLN’s programs and opportunities internationally in landscapes such as North America, China, Africa, Russia, Latin America, Europe and more. University groups, academic fellowship programs, non-profits, consulting firms and others who would like to make a difference are collaborating with GLN. 

Join us. We would like to hear from you.

Want to know how to get involved with Global Language Network? By partnering with us in a way that resonates with you, we can collaborate for a better future. 

How can you get involved? 

  • Take a class; Start a New Language or Work on your Language Skills. 
  • Language Learning Increases Your Knowledge, Empathy and Global Perspective. Register here: New Convenient Registration Form.
  • Share with those who would like to learn. Find out more about class options and how to share GLN with those you would like to learn.
  • Teach your language with us. Training with GLN’s program will build your confidence, skills and connections to go to the next level professionally & personally.
  • Become a partner with GLN. Does your organization, group or office want to encourage language education? Bring in your friends and family to learn. Email Partners@TheGLN.Org for more information.
  • Do you have a creative way to give back? Email us at Partners@TheGLN.Org.

Read more about how we make an impact:

GLN offers culturally led classes with native speakers. Dedicated and trained teachers offer languages from the most widely spoken in the world to the hardest to find anywhere else. 

GLN’s programs in languages including Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Swahili and more allow each class to be a unique experience reflecting the expertise of the teachers.

Currently offered languages include:

Amharic Arabic Burmese Chinese (Cantonese) Chinese (Mandarin) Chichewa Dutch English As a Second Language (ESL) Farsi French German Greek Gujarati Hindi Indonesian Italian Japanese Kachin Kazakh Korean Pashto Polish Portuguese Quechua Romanian Russian Serbo-Croatian Spanish Swahili (Kiswahili) Turkish Urdu Yiddish

GLN offers unparalleled professional development training that creates changemakers in professions ranging from nonprofit work, to international institutions, to academia, to firms wanting to better understand their clients while increasing their value in a competitive space.

Some recent stories from GLN:

Spanish speakers teach Spanish language and culture from many countries, regions and dialects. They bring their experiences from diverse backgrounds, insights and personalized approaches for learning.

French teachers share the language from around the world with many cultural contexts.

GLN offers an unparalleled range of languages from the Middle East including but not limited to a large and growing Arabic language program.

GLN is collaborating with universities in Kenya to offer professional development and innovative educational access supporting an expanding African languages program in Swahili, Amharic, Chichewa and more.

GLN offers less commonly taught languages and is actively involved in language preservation including for indigenous languages.

Teaching Fellows and Leadership Fellows develop and apply professional skills to create improved working environments with increased confidence, organization, interpersonal skills and more.

Bring GLN to your network through classes, live networking events, social media sharing, engaging teachers for the program & more. Email Partners@TheGLN.Org.

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