The Summer Semester is Here!

Classes have started at The Global Language Network. As the weather heats up, GLN’s summer students are spending their time learning languages with us. With exciting classes in a variety of languages, GLN offers students the opportunity to explore new horizons within their classrooms. Languages such as Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, and Portuguese are in full swing. We’re also offering both Mandarin and Cantonese this summer as well as Japanese. Special classes in Swahili and Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian offer unique opportunities to learn these languages in new ways.

Hindi, Hebrew, Farsi, Polish and Bulgarian are underway thanks to our dedicated teachers who generously give their time to help students learn. There is much to be grateful for at The Global Language Network, from the wonderful teachers who bring their love of inspiring and helping others to the classrooms, to the volunteers who help the operation by giving their time and energies to the organization, to the students who bring their enthusiastic willingness to learn, the organization functions based on a cycle of working collaboratively with others.

You can be a part of this positive phenomenon by joining with us and also by bringing along others to join the network of learning and intercultural exchange. More is more, so please, connect with us as we work to connect more people around the world from this program in Washington, DC. How can you join us? There are many ways.

  • Teach with us. GLN is willing to offer any of the world’s languages, so please reach out to share your language with excited learners. No experience is required because we offer training. Read more about the benefits of our Teaching Fellowships and other teaching positions. Please fill out the application to be invited to the next teacher training where we will introduce you to GLN’s approach. We will work flexibly with your schedule to help you to teach.
  • Work with us. GLN is a small organization with an extremely small staff where a lot of work is performed by volunteers in a collaborative environment. GLN represents a great opportunity to build your professional skills while contributing to a meaningful cause.  You can work on a range of areas of interest while gaining exposure to the nonprofit industry. Read more about Leadership Fellowships and Internships at GLN.
  • Volunteer with us. The volunteers who provide support roles for GLN’s classes are a tremendous help to the organization. Volunteer with GLN to receive PRIORITY REGISTRATION for GLN’s language classes. By volunteering 4 hours per week, you can receive a free language class. You can be a classroom assistant working directly with a teacher and a classroom or a GLN associate providing support for the classes. Read more about volunteering and apply today to start giving back.
  • Learn with us. GLN is an affordable and dynamic way to learn languages from around the world. GLN offers classes in the fall, spring and summer. You can read more about GLN’s communicative approach to classroom learning. Here is the link to our scheduling page that is updated before every semester when registration opens. You can follow us on social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) to stay informed as well.

At GLN, we are always looking forward to the opportunities that are awaiting us when we learn a language or a new skill or meet a new and fascinating friend. Please call or email us with any questions. You are welcome here. Join us.

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