Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Snowman in 5 Languages

Unfortunately, we still have snowmen on the brain, at least here in DC.

Frozen, has also made sure that we all question whether or not we want to build a snowman.

do you wanna build a snowman

do you want to build a snowman

If we must continue to see these snowmen, let’s at least learn how to say it in a few different languages (click on the word, then the “listen” icon to hear pronunciation)

1) Mandarin Chinese – 雪人 (Xuěrén)

2) French – bonhomme de neige (literally “good man of snow”)

3) Turkish – kardan adam

4) Korean – 눈사람 (nunsalam)

5) Russian – снеговик (snegovik)

And just for fun, here’s “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” from Frozen in Mandarin, French, Turkish, Korean, and Russian. YouTube is pretty great.

GLN also currently offers classes in all of these languages if YouTube doesn’t cut it.

So tell us: How do you say “snowman” in a language that you speak?

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