Lindsey’s Dream Vacation in Jamaica

Donate your deposit and great things can happen! Just ask Lindsey:

It was just another day of tax season for me (a tax accountant) when I received a phone call from Andrew at GLN. He started off by asking me if I wanted to learn to speak Patois, the language spoken in Jamaica. I only remember being extremely confused – what a strange sales call – why would GLN think that I wanted to speak a Caribbean language when I have only taken Urdu courses with them?? But he quickly ended my confusion and informed me – Congratulations you’ve won the 4 days 3 nights trip to Jamaica!

Then it all came back to me. The donation of my deposit to the GLN the previous semester in return for a chance to be entered into the drawing for a beach vacation. I can definitely state this: I am very happy I made the decision to donate my deposit!

I decided to take a close friend of mine to Jamaica with me and we departed in July 2017. GLN paid for our stay at the Travellers Beach Resort on Negril, Jamaica along with a $400 flight voucher to assist with the travel expenses.  

Lindsey beachThe resort was perfect. It was right on the water and the food was fabulous. The beach was beautiful and crystal clear, just like you would imagine it. We spent all of our days on the water. We intended to do at least one excursion, but once we got to the beach, we had no desire to leave and the excursion idea went out the window.

My friend and I dined at the restaurant at the hotel as well as a few restaurants off the resort. We had oxtail, jerk chicken, and curry chicken to name a few. The jerk chicken was so good – much spicier than the versions I have had in the US. Everything was just amazing.

And to top off there was a man that would come by the beach every morning and sell homemade Jamaican patties (beef, chicken curry, vegetable) and desserts. One of the locals told us about him and I’m so glad they did. His patties are way better than the ones you can find at 7-Eleven (of course!).

We also made it to some of the local fruit stands to get all the mangoes we could. Thesweet sop locals introduced us to another fruit called the sweet sop. I’ve never seen it in the US but we loved it! I would highly recommend if you ever come across one, you should definitely try it.

All in all, my friend and I had a great time in Jamaica thanks to GLN. I would absolutely return. I was so pleased with my Urdu class offered by GLN that the $100 donation seemed well worth it. Throw in the chance to go to an awesome beach vacation? I would most definitely do it again!

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