It’s been so cold in the last couple of days! Are you all bundled up? Wouldn’t it be great to read and drink hot cocoa by the fireplace? How about eating some of the hot noodle soup mentioned in the last week’s blog? What’s even better is jumping right into the HOT SPRING and soak ourselves into the natural hot water that’s coming out from earth. Hot Spring exists in different areas on earth. While I was in China, Taiwan and Japan, I learned how to say Hot Spring to the local people so that they could point me to the right place. If you’re traveling this winter, be sure to check out the local Hot Spring!

Chinese (Mandarin): 溫泉, pronounced Wēn quán.

Japanese: 温泉, pronounced Onsen.

To listen the words in Chinese and Japanese, go to Google Translate, copy and paste the characters.
(Is there a word in a foreign language that you love its sound or meaning? Share it with us in a comment or email!)


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