Word of the Week Wednesday: “I Voted!” in 6 Languages

Here in Washington, it’s election season. Yesterday was the DC Primary Election, which means we saw a lot of stickers like this:

Some may not know that you can also get your sticker in Spanish:

yo vote

The only I voted stickers at the DC elections were in English and Spanish, but how else can you say “I voted?” Here’s a closer look at the picture above, used in the elections in Los Angeles, California in 2012. For pronunciation, copy and paste the words in Google Translate and click the “listen” button.

  • Filipino (Tagalog) – Bumoto Ako
  • Chinese – 我已投票 (Wǒ yǐ tóupiào)
  • Japanese -投票しました (Tōhyō shimashita)
  • Korean  – 전투표하였습니다 is pictured, but we suggest this: 전투표했습니다 (juhn, too-pyo hae-seup ni-da)
  • Vietnamese – Tôi Đã Đi Bầu

We love embracing multilingualism in something as simple as a sticker. Hopefully this cross-cultural trend will catch on.

yo vote hand

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