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The Summer Semester is Here!

Classes have started at The Global Language Network. As the weather heats up, GLN’s summer students are spending their time learning languages with us. With exciting classes in a variety of languages, GLN offers students the opportunity to explore new horizons within their...
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Time in Swahili-Speaking Countries

In the United States, we’re used to seeing a clock look a certain way. Even if the numbers of the clock are gone, we know what time it is. In Swahili-speaking countries, the clock used looks totally different. Where the six would...
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Country Focus: Lebanon’s Evolving Linguistic Landscape

Language in contemporary Lebanon reflects societal changes in the past few decades. Education in Lebanon can vary based on the influences of the English and French educational systems which means that students are taught French, Arabic, and English from a formative age. As...
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The Many Global Flavors of Hibiscus

Learning languages with The Global Language Network can help you know more about the interconnectedness of the world. For example, you might be familiar with the hibiscus flower, but did you know that you can eat and drink it? One way is by trying...
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Welcome to the GLN, Madhumanti!

This month the GLN has welcomed a new face to our office, Madhumanti Debnath, our new Program Coordinator. Madhumanti has already been working with her predecessor, Bailey, these past two weeks, and this week will be taking over the role independently as Bailey...
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