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Welcome to the GLN, Madhumanti!

This month the GLN has welcomed a new face to our office, Madhumanti Debnath, our new Program Coordinator. Madhumanti has already been working with her predecessor, Bailey, these past two weeks, and this week will be taking over the role independently as Bailey...
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Spring Time at the GLN

While DC and the rest of the United States east coast may still be caught in the grips of the lasting effects of winter, that doesn’t change the fact that around the world spring is arriving, and soon it will be here too....
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If our post about endangered languages got you interested in learning about some of the languages at risk of dying out, you may already be familiar with Ayapaneco. If I failed to get you interested in learning about other languages, first of all,...
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Endangered Languages

The Global Language Network is proud to have offered classes in almost 60 languages since 2005. Of course, as proud as we are of that number, 60 is just a drop in the world’s rich linguistic sea. Linguists have estimated that there are...
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Word of the Week: Dord

The word of the week this week is special because it is not exactly a word at all. On one hand, it is not a real word. On the other hand, it is a collection of letters that are pronounced like any other...
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