Meet Eva: Berlin Meets Upstate NY

Jonathan DeCicco, Leadership Fellow, interviewed Eva Schooler, Leadership Fellow and Teaching Fellow about her unique experience and perspective on teaching German language and culture. Join Eva for German this fall, one of 27 languages currently being offered. Interested in learning German? Register for a German Foreigner...
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Why Learn Languages With GLN?

Ali Tanaka, Leadership Fellow, shares why Global Language Network's language learning approach is truly innovative. See our new schedule and register to learn and understand. If you were given a choice between rote memorization and regurgitation and learning...
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Learning My Mother’s Native Language Opened Doors

Ali Tanaka, Leadership Fellow and Teaching Associate, shares her honest perspective on her journey of learning her mother’s native language, Japanese. Find out more and start your own fall language learning experience with Global Language Network for personal and professional growth in 27...
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