Word of the Week: Trepverter

Registration is officially open! And as classes come back to GLN, so too does the Word of the Week. In celebration of our new semester, this week we are considering a word from Yiddish, one of our new languages this Spring. The word is Trepverter,...
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Special Meeting 12/7/2017

Special Meeting 12/7/2017: Private Board Discussion Regarding Staff Compensation GLN Board of Directors President and Chairman Andrew Brown discussed compensation for GLN's Program Coordinator with Board Members Richard Sawaya (Secretary), Bennard Cann (Treasurer), Ilya Budik, and Charles Maslin. Brown also discussed recent move from 1720 I St....
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Language and Activism: Meet Farzana

Farzana is a previous GLN summer intern and current Balochi teaching fellow. She is a human rights activist and does amazing work with GLN. Here is our interview with Farzana What do you like best about volunteering for GLN? GLN is a great place for exploring languages...
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